Critter Tracks Summer 2013

WCA Needs Donations and Volunteers

Each year it is becoming harder and harder to keep our doors open and care for the thousands of animals brought to Wildlife Care Association. The new facility was a much-needed upgrade from the little rental house on Auburn Blvd, but with more space comes higher bills and a greater need for more volunteers and donations—two things WCA is currently running low on. Please consider becoming a volunteer or making a tax deductible donation to help cover our increase in costs. See our back page story for more details.

Baby Birds are Out – Keep the Cats Inside

Nestling birds are quickly growing to be fledglings and will soon be leaving their nests. Most fledglings cannot instantly fly very far, if at all, and usually end up spending anywhere from a day to a
week on the ground, learning to fly. Although their parents are usually close by and continue to feed and encourage them, the young birds are very vulnerable because they do not have the skills to evade predators, especially cats. Most cat bites are fatal to birds and fledglings hopping around on the ground are easy targets for cats. Please consider keeping your cats indoors, especially these next few months, when many young birds will be leaving their nests and spending time on the ground before they have the strength and skill to fly.

Join Us – The Wildlife Care Association Needs People

We are currently in the height of busy season and WCA has already taken-in more animals than last year at this time. In addition to nursery, triage, and other animal care volunteers, WCA is in great need of volunteers for many positions and projects.

This year we have added an intake position, which would be manning the front desk and helping members of the public that are dropping off animals. We also need help with cleaning, doing laundry, making food for the animals, keeping the grounds mowed, repairing aviaries, building safety and maintenance, and much more. We are always looking for people to help transport animals that need to go somewhere other than our facility at McClellan Park.

Business Services
If you have a business that offers services you think WCA may need, please contact us. Any services donated to WCA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and WCA will provide tax receipts for any services donated to our organization.

Board of Directors Members
In the past several years, the Wildlife Care Board of Directors has slowly dwindled to a small group of people. Although WCA is an animal organization, the Board should consist of local business people and members of the public that have skills useful to the organization at a higher level as well as animal care people. We are looking for people who are serious and passionate about helping Wildlife Care Association and the long-term well-being of the organization.

For more info on volunteering, please contact Cassondra at

For more info on business donations or if you are interested in joining the Board, please contact Theresa at

WCA says goodbye to Bubba, the Virginia Opossum

Bubba, the Virginia Opossum, passed away in April of this year. He was one of WCA’s newest Ambassador Animals and was just over two years old. He died of natural causes, as they typically only live 2-4 years. He was a great addition to the education team and his mellow demeanor and sweet personality made him a favorite at all of the presentations he was a part of. Bubba will be greatly missed.

In Memorium

WCA is sad to report that long-time WCA member and former WCA Vice-president, Kay Buie, has passed away. Kay was a devout animal lover and devoted much time and effort, throughout the years, to helping animals, both wild and domestic. Kay was a wonderful person that will be greatly missed.

WCA Thank Yous

WCA would like to thank Raley’s in Fair Oaks for donating produce regularly during our busy season. Thank you!

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