Reptiles & Amphibians

Read the descriptions below to help you determine if the animal needs help. If after reading you believe it needs rescuing, click here for instructions.

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Since our local reptiles and amphibians are never nurtured by their parents, they cannot be considered orphaned, even if very small. We provide for the care of injured reptiles and amphibians.

Snakes are beneficial
All snakes are beneficial for the control of rodent populations and should be allowed to do their job. Should you find snakes undesirable on your property, remove debris piles, brush and rodent food sources, and in time the snakes will likely move along with the rodents.

rattlerThe only venomous reptile in this area is the diamondback rattlesnake (see left image).These can be identified by their large diamond-shaped heads and the presence of a rattle on the tip of the tail which is not always present. If you are in question of the species or believe you have found a rattlesnake, do not attempt to handle or move them yourself.

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gopfer-snakeMany snakes will leave the area if given the opportunity. They are as afraid of humans, as humans are afraid of them. Gopher snakes are often mistaken for Rattlesnakes because they are similar in color and pattern (see right image). Please note that all snakes are capable of making a rattling sound.

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