Animals Back Into the Wild

Each year, Wildlife Care Association takes in thousands of sick, orphaned, and injured animals. They all have a sad story but staff and volunteers do their best to help the animals have a happy ending. This means rehabilitating the animal and releasing it back into the wild, giving it a second chance at life.

A Coyote’s Second Chance at Life

coyoteThe coyote pup pictured here has one of those sad stories. Her mother was hit by a car and laid dead on the road. The pup was found lying next to her by an animal control agent, in great danger of being hit herself. The animal control agent could not find any of her litter mates, if they were, in fact, still alive, but was able to capture this pup and bring her to WCA. She was brought to us in mid-April 2012, did great in rehabilitation, and was successfully released back into the wild in late October.


Darted Fox Squirrel Darts for Freedom

2 darts in squirrelOn Tuesday, August 16th an abused fox squirrel, that was rescued by two Wildlife Care Volunteers, was released back into its native environment.