Found Animal

Five important rules for rescuing a wild animal:

  1. Keep the animal in a secure, dark container.
  2. Keep the animal Warm (80-90 degrees). Place the container away from drafts. If the animal is very young (incompletely feathered, hairless, or with it’s eyes still closed), put it on a heating pad set to low. If the animal is older, set only half of the container on the heating pad (this will allow the animal to chose it’s ideal temperature).
  3. Stay Quiet around the animal and don’t keep peeking at it. A quiet, non-invasive environment will reduce the stress on the animal and allow the animal to relax, giving it a better chance to survive.
  4. DO NOT feed or give fluids!
  5. Get the animal to a rehabilitator as quickly as possible. Never keep the animal or try to treat it yourself. Rehabilitators are specially trained individuals who can take any animal, no matter how sick or healthy, big or small. The animal’s best chance of success is with a rehabilitator.

General Information

Injured or Adult Deer
Call your local animal control or fish and game. Sacramento Animal Control: 916-264-7387 (City) or 916-368-7387 (County).

Nuisance Wildlife Removal
Sacramento Valley Wildlife Service at 916-802-9453. WCA does not trap or relocate nuisance animals.

Parrots/Pet Birds
Mickaboo at (650) 450-9104

Wild Animals should never be kept as pets.
Please do not attempt to raise or keep wild animals, including birds. When young, they need specialized diets, will develop bone problems or get very sick if fed incorrectly. Young birds need to be raised with their own kind to be successfully released. Even if raised from a young bird, adult birds will damage their feathers in wire cages and will often die of stress.

WCA Animal Hotline
916-965-WILD (9453) – Please leave a message. A volunteer will get back to you within 2 hours.