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Everyone at Wildlife Care is so appreciative of the tremendous community support we have. We are now starting our 42nd year of helping sick, orphaned, and injured wild animals in the greater Sacramento area, and we could not do it without you.

We took in just shy of 6,000 animals in 2016 and have started 2017 busier than normal due to all the storms this winter. Things like 27 swifts (birds) at the same time; all covered in mud when the rains washed away their nests.

Hatchlings in early March, about a month earlier than normal, just to name a few. We would not be able to help all these animals if it wasn’t for the generous support of members of the community and the giving hearts of hundreds of volunteers.

Thanks to BDOG, 2016 was the first year our organization has been able to cover all of our expenses since we moved to our facility in 2008. Less than 5% of our income stems from government funding.

We hope we can count on your support on Tuesday, May 4th, 2017 for the Big Day of Giving 2017.

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Everyone at WCA would like to thank High Hand Nursery for another great Wings & Wine event. A fun time was had by all. We apologize for those of you that received the mailer too late to attend the event.

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendars for next year; this event is always held the first Saturday in March.

Can’t join us for our Nuts & Berries Raffle draw on February 4th but want to watch the drawing?

Please tune into our Facebook page at 1 pm on Saturday, February 4th to watch the drawing.

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The Heroes of Wildlife Care Fall Photo Challenge

As the non-profit provider of rescue, recovery and release of injured, orphaned and displaced birds and small animals, Wildlife Care Association (WCA) is challenging the Sacramento region to give us the bird!


This is the beautiful work of nature and Rita Braley, WCA 2015 Photo Challenge Winner! Visit our fabulous Facebook and Instagram galleries for ideas!

Take a photo of a bird, or birds in your backyard, local parks or other wild Sacramento regional location. Submit it on the Wildlife Care Association Facebook page as a message with photo attached!

The quarterly contest begins October 1, 2016 and concludes Dec 31, 2016 . Entries can be made in two categories –Under 12, and everyone Over 12 years old.

If you are Under 12 years old you can enter free! Individual adult entries in the Over 12 category should include a minimum $5.00 donation to WCA thru the Facebook donation button!

Each photo may be entered only once, but individuals may submit more than one each quarter. Submissions should include your email, the location photo was taken, and your best guess what type of bird this might be.

The WCA Quarterly Photo Contest winner will be awarded a special prize including a guided tour of the Rescue Dome at McClellan Park, their photo featured in the newsletter, posted at the rescue facility and on Facebook/Instagram.

Fine Print: One will be cho sen from submissions to determine a winner. WCA staff reserves the right to select a winner from content and other factors including artistic merit. All photos submitted become the property of WCA for its use in outreach, education and fundraising.

Media: Rick Reed 916-704-0080 /

Wildlife Care Association (WCA) recently received a Virginia Rail that was wobbly and unable to walk. Virginia Rails are a small, secretive waterbird that live in marshes. They eat inverts, fish, and other marsh dwellers by probing the water & mud with bill. They are at risk due to loss of habitat. (Photo by Mike Baird, via Wikipedia.) The Virginia Rail came in because it was wobbly and unable to run away, but recovered well after receiving some medication, the appropriate care, and some time. It was released about a week later, where it was found, thanks for the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers!

Virginia Rail in Care

Virginia Rail in Care

 Virginia Rail in the Wild

If you find a bird that appears to be having difficulty walking, place the animal in a box in a quiet place, and immediately contact and/or bring it into a wildlife rehab group. You can contact WCA at 916-965-WILD, bring it in directly to WCA at 5211 Patrol Road, McClellan, CA 95652 (links to a google maps), or find other groups in California by visiting

WCA needs your help!

You can help WCA by liking WCA (https:/, volunteering with WCA, and/or donating to WCA (for medications, food, and rehabbing)! Thank you for helping to give wildlife a second chance!***