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Mission Statement

Wildlife Care Association, Inc. is dedicated to the rescue, re-habilitation, and release of local wildlife. WCA is commit-ted to educating and instruct-ing the community in the respect, appreciation, and care of local wildlife. WCA is pledged to the management and preservation of wildlife habitat.
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What’s New

Please join us at our next event: Wings & Wine at High Hand on Saturday, March 8thfrom 5:30pm to 8pm.  This event will feature the WCA Education Team and many of the WCA Ambassador Animals.  The stars of the show will include our Great-horned Owl, Burrowing Owl, Western Screech Owl, Barn Owl, Yellow-billed Magpie, and a luecistic (white) Crow. Also featured are a few other raptors and the grand finale Bald Eagle.

This is a rare and exciting opportunity to mingle with birds of prey and see some of these majestic animals live and in person.  Tickets are $25 and include a complimentary glass of wine and light hors d’ oeuvres. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase during the event for more than 40 raffle prizes with all the proceeds benefiting WCA.

This event will take place at High Hand Nursery located at 3750 Taylor Road in Loomis.  Tickets are sold in advance only – you may purchase online at or in person at High Hand Nursery.

High Hand Nursery has held this event for other organizations for several years and it has sold out each year.  Be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible if you plan on attending.  If you would like to donate a new item or gift certificate for our raffle, please contact Theresa at or (916) 952-4336.

Special Thanks

The 2013 Nuts & Berries event was a huge success and we would like to thank all of you that helped support WCA by attending the event ,mailing in a donation, or by donating an item for the auction.  The event was a great success and the proceeds from Nuts & Berries help cover about 1/5 of our annual operating budget.

WCA is working hard to find more ways to raise money to keep the doors open and continue to help thousands of orphaned, sick, and injured wild animals in the greater Sacramento area.  Going forward, we plan on increasing fundraising efforts by adding more great events for our loyal supporters to attend.

Get Directions

Get directions to High Hand Nursery.

WCA is officially rolling out classes

(we’re hoping to have class(es) every month, so please stay tuned for dates and details):
  • the Wildlife Rehab series: Intro to Wildlife Rehab (required to rehab at home), Rehabbing Mammals, and Rehabbing Birds.
  • a Triage series: Intro to Triage, Microscopes & Parasites, and Suturing; &
  • a Cross-over series: Corvids, Rabbits, Woodpeckers (taught by/with Nancy Seaman Barbachano, who home rehabs woodpeckers), and more.
The first schedule class is Intro to Wildlife Rehab will be taught by Debby DuVall on Nov 17th. The cost for the class is $10 (for materials), plus $25 for the wildlife rehabbers application (  The class will be fully updated and should be exiting and fun, although it does include information on permitting, policies, and  paperwork.
Baby RaccoonKildeer Fledgeling

Learning opportunities

And Ways to Help & Volunteer

  • Help is needed with Nuts & Berries. Take the out to chat, have fun, get a sneak preview of the gift baskets, and have a blast. Please contact Debbie Daniels, DVM (the Volunteer Coordinator) at if have some time on Sat or Sun, or a weekday evening.
  • WCA needs help with grants, maintenance, animal care, and more. Please contact Debbie Daniels, DVM (the Volunteer Coordinator) at if you have some time and/or would like to help.
  • Please take a moment to take this 5 minute fox survey for Master’s student Amy Brasch’s project. Thanks so much for your help. We are currently conducting Phase II of the Sacramento Valley red fox project in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife… As in Phase I , please report road-killed red foxes (530-754-7932, ask for Kat) for genetic and physiological samples.  Additionally, please report sightings in the online portal (Report a Sighting)… Phase II of the reserach requires us to survey pre-select locations regardless of whether foxes are present or not.  This survey is a broad mesocarnivore survey including red foxes and other small to mid-sized carnivores. For pre-selected locations predominated by private land, we will seek to information from residents through a brief survey and request permission to set up carnivore sampling survey stations.
  • Yellow-billed Magpie Working Group and others are looking for the Yellow-billed Magpie ( and reporting dead birds to UCDavis (
Magpienuts & berries

WCA needs your help

You can help WCA by sharing this post, liking WCA (https:/, and/or volunteering with and/or donating to (for medications, food, and rehabbing) WCA. Thank you for caring!