We Need Matte Finish Newspaper

newspaperWCA is in immediate need for newspaper. For the first time, since we’ve been located at the “golf ball,” we have actually run out of newspaper.

We usually have stacks and stacks to carry us into the next year, but in caring for the 4000 plus animals we’ve received so far this year, we have gone through all our newspaper reserves.

If you have any unwanted newspapers piling up and taking space up in your house or at the office we will gladly takeout off your hands. You are welcome to drop off your newspaper donations 7 days a week between the hours of 10-6 at 5211 Patrol Rd. McClellan, Ca 95652.

We are unable to use the adds or shiny papers,
so please donate matte finish newspaper only.

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Owl Release & picnic in the VINEYARD

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Thank you – big day of giving was a success!

On May 5th, 2015, more than 100 communities across the country gathered for one BIG Day of Giving. With the hope of reaching millions of donors and raising over $100M nationwide, each community will rally support for the vital work of local nonprofits, including Wildlife Care Association.

About Big Day of Giving

What’s New at wca

The Sacramento community came together early on a Saturday morning to plant 21 trees at the property surrounding the WCA facility. Thanks is not enough for all the time and energy given by the caring volunteers, donors and staff to make this happen! You changed the world, made memories and planted a legacy for the future. These drought-tolerant young trees will provide additional habitat, a windbreak, and most excitingly, set the stage for a future outdoor education area!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Rick Reed who conceived of and spearheaded the project. We would also like to thank the following donors:

  • John Hagus of Southside Rentals, Inc.
  • Paul Scholl, publisher of Messenger Newspapers
  • Drewski’s Food Truck & Staff
  • Urban Forester Kuldeep Singh of the Sacramento Tree Foundation
  • SMUD Shade Tree Program
  • Tina Macuha and the crew at Good Day Sacramento
  • Artist Marianne Reed

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their time and efforts in making this project become a reality!

  • Hilda Vargas
  • Miguel Vargas
  • Julian Lacalle
  • Veronica Kohaya
  • Alyona Tivonyuk
  • Kathy Gillan
  • Lydia Sheridan
  • Pam Ancker
  • Dolan Malloy
  • MaryLou Flaa
  • David Flaa
  • Mike Dougherty
  • Brittany Towne
  • Tom Wroten
  • Dawn DeBerry
  • Theresa Bielawski
  • Gordon Stewart
  • Christy Berger
  • Brianna Abeyta
  • Phoenix Abeyta
  • Autumn Turner
  • Brad Fauble
  • Esther Higgins
  • Tess Lacalle
  • Thea Alexandra Apolinario
  • Monique Apolinario
  • John Watt
  • Lilya Negovlya

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